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What is the Difference Between UX and UI Design?

What is the difference between UX & UI?   Do you understand the difference between UI & UX, or is it a weird and confusing combination, well don’t worry after going through this blog you will understand what it is and what’s the difference between these two terms. UI stands for User interface, which is…
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What is the Difference Between Web Design & Web Development

Difference Between Web Design and Web Development Today we wanted to talk to you about difference between Web Designing and Web Development. Web Design and Web Development, these are 2 separate roles in the website creation process. Essentially web design involves creating what the website should looks like and how it should works, and web…
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Meaning of Zauca | Definition of Zauca | शौच Meaning

Meaning of Zauca | Definition of Zauca | शौच Meaning   Zauca is the sanskrit word meaning honesty, integrity. Zauca has also other meaning:   शौच zauca cleanness शौच zauca purification शौच zauca purity शौच zauca integrity शौच zauca honesty शौच zauca self-purification शौच  zauca  purity of mind

How to Choose Website Designing/ Web Development Company?

How to Choose Website Designing/ Web Development Company? The Reputation of the Website Designing Company The first and foremost to look in for when choosing the website designing company is the reputation. As per the recent survey, every day 12 new companies are started in India for website designing/ web development industry is concern; which…
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What is Website Hosting?

What is Web Hosting?   If you are planning to create a website, maybe you will come up with this question “what is hosting” It allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the world wide web. Hosting is very important on starting a new website. Website must be published to web hosting service…
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What is Domain Name?

What is a Domain? When you are planning to have own a website, you must first think how you will name it. Before you do anything else, you should come up with the best domain name that suits for your business, personal, ngo, blog, portal, etc… Naming a website is like naming a new born…
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