Zauca Website Design Reseller Program

Get Low Cost Website Design in India @ Just ₹3800 with Free Domain, Hosting & Business Email Ids from India's No 1 Website Designing Company


What is Reseller Program?

A reseller is a company or individual (merchant) that purchases goods or services with the intention of selling them rather than consuming or using them. This is usually done for profit.

One example can be found in the industry of web hosting, in this case a Reseller; who will buy a large amount of hosting space from an Web hosting company and then resell some of this space to clients. Their hosting is often managed through a virtual private server (VPS) which allows them, through a control panel, to administer bandwidth, databases, passwords etc., for the client.

Looking To Start A Web Development Business?

Or expand upon the services you already offer, but don’t have the resources to manage servers, developers, design and sales teams, tech and customer support representatives?

As an Zauca Reseller Partner, all you’ll need to do is focus on leads, while we do the work, design, manage, host and provide unparalleled and unmatched support for your projects. With flexibility like this, many of our partners have reported the reselling of our services and products are super easy and have earned over it, and others reporting record-breaking profit quarters in the tens of thousands of rupees!

It’s truly is effortless! When partnering with Zauca as a Web Design Re-seller, you will receive discounts on our competitive costs of services and products.

About Zauca Reseller Program

With many years of combined experience in the web designing and digital marketing industry, we’ve been able to produce numerous award-winning solutions for our clients and Re-seller Partners.

Zauca Reseller Program includes virtually everything you need to expand upon your current service offerings or start your OWN turn-key web development firm. We offer wholesale cost on extraordinary features, fully customizable services, and products giving our re-sellers the tools and edge they need to earn huge profits.

Whom Are We Looking For

Zauca is interested in partnering with highly motivated Entrepreneurs, Businesses or Individuals who want to increase their monthly income exponentially?

The Zauca Reseller Programs allow you to offer your clientele all the same great services as we do, but it allows you to operate independently under your own brand and company.

Are you looking to create an easy way to increase your monthly income significantly?

Yes You Can and It’s truly is effortless! When partnering with Zauca as a Web Design Reseller, you will receive discounts on our competitive costs of services and products.

How Do You Get Clients?

  • Utilize the Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)
  • Blogging and Forums
  • Place small ads in the local newspapers
  • Networking
  • Watch for startup or small companies that don’t already have a website
  • Approaching Companies offering businesses work product like print material that Overflow Local products and services would compliment
  • Offer services your Friends, Relatives or social groups you belong to


For services (https://www.zauca.com/#services) rendered, Reseller are eligible for following commission & markup on all services and plan available on official Zauca website (https://www.zauca.com):


Basic Reseller Plan Pro Reseller Plan – White Label
1. Subscription Charges: Rs. 5000 1. Subscription Charges: Rs. 5000
2. No Website 2. 1 Free Website Designed (If website exists, Rs. 5000 would be waived Off)
3. No Deposit 3. Refundable Deposit: Rs. 5000 (Eligible to receive if reached minimum of 30 Sites within 6 Months from the date of subscription)
4. 18% Commission from Zauca on All Plans & Services (Strictly No Markup) 4. 25% Commission from Zauca & 25% Mark up on All Plans & Services
5. Zauca Branding 5. White Label Service
6. No recurring commission from Zauca or markup on renewal can be charged from Customer 6. 25% Recurring Renewal Mark up on All Plans & Services can be charged from Customer

Note: Standard Domain & Hosting Discount applicable as per the standard plans.


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