10 Films That Capture the Same Hilarious Essence as 21 Jump Street

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When “21 Jump Street” hit the screens, it brought together the dynamic duo of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, both at the zenith of their careers and widely recognized in the world of American cinema.

While Channing Tatum had built his reputation primarily through romantic films and, of course, his iconic role in “Magic Mike,” his fans were in for a pleasant surprise as they discovered his untapped comedic talent.

Jonah Hill, on the other hand, was no stranger to the comedy scene. His dry and witty humor had already won the hearts of many. So, when the decision was made to breathe new life into the classic television series “21 Jump Street,” it was clear that these two actors were the perfect pair for the job.

In “21 Jump Street,” Hill and Tatum portray a pair of underachieving cops who are sent undercover to a local high school to infiltrate and dismantle a synthetic drug ring. On paper, it sounds straightforward: find the dealer, arrest the supplier. But, as with any good comedy, things are never quite that simple for Schmidt and Jenko.

Buddy cop comedies and teen comedies are unique genres in their own right. You either resonate with the humor, or you don’t. Fortunately, if you found “21 Jump Street” to your liking, there are several other films that you’ll likely enjoy just as much.

10 movies like 21 jump street:

1. “Superbad” (2007)

  • Co-written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, this film propelled Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse to cult status. It revolves around two inseparable high school seniors dealing with separation anxiety when their plan to throw a wild party goes awry.

2. “American Pie” (1999)

  • Every generation has its defining high school movie, and for ’90s and 2000s kids, it’s “American Pie.” The story is simple yet hilarious: four teenage boys make a pact to lose their virginity by prom night, leading to a rivalry filled with laughs.

3. “Hot Fuzz” (2007)

  • If you haven’t delved into the Edgar Wright Cornetto Trilogy, you’re in for a treat. “Hot Fuzz” features Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as skilled London police officers who are transferred to a tranquil village, only to uncover a series of bizarre murders.

4. “Pineapple Express” (2008)

  • Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg collaborated again to deliver this classic stoner comedy. It follows a process server and his marijuana dealer as they go on the run from hitmen and a corrupt police officer after witnessing a murder.

5. “The Other Guys” (2010)

  • Buddy cop comedies were once all the rage, and “The Other Guys” is a testament to their enduring charm. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, an unexpected duo, play mismatched New York City detectives who seize an opportunity to become heroes but encounter numerous mishaps along the way.

6. “Ride Along” (2014)

  • Ice Cube’s impeccable comedic timing and Kevin Hart’s boundless humor shine in this film. The two actors display excellent chemistry as a police officer and his potential brother-in-law who embarks on a ride-along adventure to prove his worthiness.

7. “Bad Boys” (1995)

  • Directed by Michael Bay, “Bad Boys” features Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as hip detectives who protect a witness and investigate a case involving stolen heroin from their own police precinct’s evidence storage.

8. “Lethal Weapon” (1987)

  • Buddy cop comedies have evolved over the years, and “Lethal Weapon” set a high standard in the ’80s. Danny Glover and Mel Gibson’s banter added a new dimension to action comedy and made these films immensely enjoyable.

9. “Beverly Hills Cop” (1984)

  • Eddie Murphy was an unstoppable force in the ’80s and ’90s, and “Beverly Hills Cop” showcases his comedic prowess. He portrays Axel Foley, a freewheeling Detroit cop investigating a murder in the upscale environment of Beverly Hills.

10. “Rush Hour” (1998)

  • When you team up legends like Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, you get comedy gold. In “Rush Hour,” a loyal Hong Kong inspector partners with a brash L.A.P.D. detective to rescue the kidnapped daughter of the Chinese Consul while pursuing a dangerous crime lord.

If you’re hungry for more films that capture the spirit of “movies like 21 jump street,” share your recommendations in the comments below. Happy watching!

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